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Eaton introduces Bussmann® series of ceramic tube fuses feature time-delay response and high breaking capacity of 1500 A. These fuses have a high I2t range from 120 A2seconds to 330 A2seconds, the axial-lead fuses feature nickel-plated brass end cap construction in a 5 mm x 20 mm cartridge. The S505SCH fuses are designed as primary circuit protection in power supplies, LED lighting, LED/LCD TVs, appliances, and white goods.

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Features, Applications

Fast-acting, high current, surface mount ceramic tube fuses

Server and desktop power supplies Gaming console systems Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) Storage system power Base station power supplies Basic power supplies LED and general lighting Test equipment

cURus Recognition file number: E19180, Guide JDYX2/JDYX8 PSE: JET 30 A)

Fast-acting high current fuse Compact design utilizes less board space 50 A current ratings Ceramic tube, silver plated brass end cap construction Halogen free and RoHS compliant

-TR A: 1500 parts per 13" diameter reel, tape width 24 mm) A: 1000 parts per 13" diameter reel, tape width 24 mm)

1025HC Fast-acting, high current, surface mount ceramic tube fuses

Current rating (A) Voltage rating (VAC) Voltage rating (VDC) Interrupting rating at rated voltage (AAC) Interrupting rating at rated voltage1 (ADC) Typical DC cold resistance2 (mW ) Typical I2t (A2s)

1 DC interrupting rating measured at rated voltage, time constant of less than 1.0 microseconds, battery source 2 Typical DC cold resistance measured <10% of rated current at an ambient temperature 20 C (reference only) 3. Typical melting It value is measured at 10In rated current 4. Part number definition: 1025HCxx-R 1025HC= Product code and size xx= Ampere rating -R= Rohs compliant

Recommended trace thickness is 3 oz. Recommended min-trace width 30 A) and 50 A)


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Eaton introduces Bussmann® series of ceramic tube fuses feature time-delay response and high breaking capacity of 1500 A. These fuses have a high I2t range from 120 A2seconds to 330 A2seconds,

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