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Vishay's NTCALUG01T series of high stability lug temperature sensors is suitable for surface temperature sensing applications, especially when a high electrical insulation (rated to 2.7 kVAC) and good thermal contact with the surface is required. These sensors provide accurate and dependable surface temperature measurement across a wide temperature range and are designed for long-term, stable operation at a peak temperature of 150°C. The NTCALUG01T lug sensors incorporate a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor with two multi-stranded AWG26, 600 V rated, ETFE insulated, silver-plated copper wires mounted inside the barrel of a lug terminal. Mounting of the NTCALUG01T lug sensor can be accomplished by use of a M3.5 (5 or 6) screw. The NTCALUG01T series is both AEC-Q200 qualified and UL recognized. In addition to the off-the-shelf version, the NTCALUG01T series provides the designer with flexibility through electrical and mechanical customization options including an option for a 150°C rated automotive connector.

CompanyVishay/BC Components
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150 C long term stability (5000 h dry heat) Easy mounting using ring tongue terminal Rugged construction Cable of ETFE insulation according to NEMA HP-3, type Z, rated 600 VRMS, cable test voltage 3.4 kV AEC-Q200 qualified (grade 1) UL recognized, file E148885 (UL category XGPU2) Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see


Suitable for surface sensing applications, especially when a good electrical insulation and a good thermal contact with the chassis is required for: - Automotive equipment - EV and battery management - Power electronics, heat sink - Consumer appliances

PARAMETER Resistance value 25 C Tolerance R25-value B25/85-value Tolerance on B25/85-value Operating temperature range at zero dissipation Min. dielectric withstanding voltage between terminals and lug (1) Insulation resistance between terminals and lug at 500 VDC Weight Note Maximum leakage current 10 mA. VALUE to +150 UNIT % C

By means of M3 screw. Leads to be soldered or crimped The device is suitable for screwing e.g. on metal surface The leads are suitable for soldering e.g. on PCB

Notes (1) NTC chip insulated (2) Tin plated ring tongue silver plated copper terminal (3) Multi stranded copper AWG26 cable, ETFE insulated (4) End cable stripped



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Vishay's NTCALUG01T series of high stability lug temperature sensors is suitable for surface temperature sensing applications, especially when a high electrical insulation (rated to 2.7 kVAC) and good


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