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TitleIC TXRX 5V RS485/422 ESD 8-SOIC
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Others parts numbering
ST3232CDR: IC TXRX 3-5.5V RS232 LP 16-SOIC
ST3485ECDR: IC TXRX RS422/485 15MBPS 8SO
ST3485EBDR: IC TXRX 3.3V RS485/422 8 SOIC
ST485CDR: IC TXRX 5V RS485/422 LP 8-SOIC


Features, Applications

Low quiescent current: 300 A Designed for RS-485 interface application 12 V common mode input voltage range Driver maintains high impedance 3-state or with the power OFF 70 mV typical input hysteresis 30 ns propagation delay, 5 ns skew Operates from a single 5 V supply Current limiting and thermal shutdown for driver overload protection ESD protection: 15 kV (HBM) kV (IEC-1000-4-2 contact discharge) Allows to 256 transceivers on the bus Driver is short-circuit current limited and is protected against excessive power dissipation by thermal shutdown circuitry that place the driver outputs into a high-impedance state. The ST485E is designed for bi-directional data communications on multipoint bus transmission lines (half-duplex applications). SO-8


The is a low power transceiver for RS485 and RS-422 communication. Each driver output and receiver input is protected against 15 kV electrostatic discharge (HBM) (ESD) shocks, without latch-up. These parts contain one driver and one receiver in half duplex configuration. This transceiver draws 300 A (typ.) of supply current when unloaded or fully loaded with disabled drivers. It operates from a single 5 V supply. Table 1. Device summary

Temperature range 125 C Package SO-8 (tube) SO-8 (tape and reel) SO-8 (tape and reel) SO-8 (tape and reel) Packaging 100 parts per tube / 20 tube per box 2500 parts per reel 2500 parts per reel 2500 parts per reel

Pin configuration. 3 Truth tables. 4 Maximum ratings. 5 Electrical characteristics. 6 Test circuit and typical characteristics. 9 Package mechanical data. 14 Revision history. 17

Symbol DE DI GND A B VCC Receiver output Receiver output enable Driver output enable Driver input Ground Non-inverting receiver input and non-inverting driver output Inverting receiver input and inverting driver output Supply voltage Name and function


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