Details, datasheet, quote on part number: EYAGJNZXX New Technology
PartEYAGJNZXX New Technology
TitleBluetooth/802.15.1 Modules ANT/BLUETOOTH BLE4.2 SMART MODULE
CompanyTaiyo Yuden
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EYSGCNZWY New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules ANT 4.2 5x11mm Chip: Nordic nRF51822/422
EYSGJNZWY New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BLUETOOTH BLE 4.2 SMART MODULE
EYSGJNAWY-1X New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BLUETOOTH BLE4.2 TYSA-B SMART MODULE
EBAGJNZXX New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Development Tools EVAL BOARD FOR EYAGJNZXX
EKAGJNZXX New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Development Tools EVAL KIT FOR EYAGJNZXX
EYSHJNZXZ New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BT 4.2 Smart 5X11mm Chip:Nordic nRF52832
EYSGCNAWY-1X New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BLUETOOTH BLE4.2 TYSA-B SMART MODULE
EKSHJNZXZ New Technology: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Development Tools Eval Board for EYSHJNZXZ
EBSHJNZXZ New Technology
EBSFCNZXX NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Development Tools EVAL BOARD FOR EYSFCNZXX
EKSFCNZXX NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Development Tools EVAL KIT FOR EYSFCNZXX
EYSFCNZXX NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules 4.0 BLE SMART ARM Cortex M0 32bit Proc
EYSFDCAVX NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BT MOD BT2.1+EDR ANT TYP HCI UART CL2
EYSFDCSWX NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BT MOD CL 2 BT 2.0+EDR. ANT USB
EYSFDCAXW NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BT MOD CL 2 BT 2+EDR ANT UART 115.2KBPS
EYSFDCAWD NRND: Bluetooth/802.15.1 Modules BT MOD CL 2 BT 2+EDR ANT UART 921.6KBPS


Features, Applications

ANTTM + Bluetooth ® Smart Module Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy EYAGJNZXX (32kB RAM)

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. is under license. ANTTM is a trademark of Dynastream Innovation Inc.

General Items Absolute maximum ratings Electrical characteristics Circuit schematic Outline / Appearance Pin Layout Handling Precaution Packaging Specification Antenna application note Design guide Notes

Scope This specification ("Specification") applies to the hybrid IC " EYAGJNZXX", a ANTTM+ Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy module ("Product") manufacture d by TAIYO YUDEN Co., Ltd. ("TAIYO YUDEN") 1. Type: EYAGJN User Code: EYAGJNZXX (32kB RAM) *User Code may be changed for mass production or other cases. 2. Function: Radio frequency module.

3. Application: Health & Fitness Equipment, Sensor, Toys 4. Structure: Hybrid IC loaded with silicon monolithic semiconductor Compatible with industrial standard reflow profile for Pb-free solders +6 Can meet with RoHS compliance (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr , PBB, PBDE) 5. Outline: mm 28-pin Land Grid Array 6. Marking: Part number, Lot number 7. Features: - Small outline by PCB substrate - Low power consumption - Integrated antenna - Integrated system clock - ANTTM+Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy conformity - Slave Role 8. Packaging: Packaging method: Tape & reel + aluminum moisture barrier bag Packaging unit: 2000 *It might be provided as tray at sample stage.


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