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Title8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 64KB Flash, 4KB RAM, 256B EEPROM, 10b ADC2, 5b DAC, Comp, PWM, CCP, CWG, HLT, WWDT, SCAN/CRC, ZCD, PPS, EUSART, SPI/I2C, IDLE/DOZE/PMD

Microchip Technology PIC18F66K40 Microcontrollers combine large Flash/EE/RAM memory, rich peripheral integration, XLP, and 5V support to suit a variety of general purpose applications. These 64-pin devices deliver Core Independent Peripherals such as CWG, WWDT, CRC/Memory Scan, Hardware CVD, Zero-Cross Detect and Peripheral Pin Select, providing for increased design flexibility and lower system cost.

CompanyGenesis Microchip Inc.
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Features, Applications

PIC18(L)F65/66K40 microcontrollers feature Analog, Core Independent Peripherals and Communication Peripherals, combined with eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) technology for a wide range of general purpose and low-power applications. These 64-pin devices are equipped with a 10-bit ADC with Computation (ADCC) automating Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) techniques for advanced touch sensing, averaging, filtering, oversampling and performing automatic threshold comparisons. They also offer a set of Core Independent Peripherals such as Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG), Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT), Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)/Memory Scan, Zero-Cross Detect (ZCD) and Peripheral Pin Select (PPS), providing for increased design flexibility and lower system cost.

C Compiler Optimized RISC Architecture Only 83 Instructions Operating Speed: ­ 64 MHz clock input 62.5 ns minimum instruction cycle Programmable 2-Level Interrupt Priority 31-Level Deep Hardware Stack Four 8-Bit Timers (TMR2/4/6/8) with Hardware Limit Timer (HLT) Five 16-Bit Timers (TMR0/1/3/5/7) Low-Current Power-on Reset (POR) Power-up Timer (PWRT) Brown-out Reset (BOR) Low-Power BOR (LPBOR) Option Programmable Code Protection Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT): - Timer monitoring of overflow and underflow events - Variable prescaler selection - Variable window size selection - All sources configurable in hardware or software

Doze: CPU and Peripherals Running at Different Cycle Rates (typically CPU is lower) Idle: CPU Halted While Peripherals Operate Sleep: Lowest Power Consumption Peripheral Module Disable (PMD): - Ability to selectively disable hardware module to minimize active power consumption of unused peripherals

Sleep mode: @ 1.8V, typical Windowed Watchdog Timer: @ 1.8V, typical Secondary Oscillator: @ 32 kHz Operating Current: @ 32 kHz, 1.8V, typical - 32 uA/MHz @ 1.8V, typical

Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG): - Rising and falling edge dead-band control - Full-bridge, half-bridge, 1-channel drive - Multiple signal sources Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) modules: - Five CCPs - 16-bit resolution for Capture/Compare modes - 10-bit resolution for PWM mode 10-Bit Pulse-Width Modulators (PWM): - Two 10-bit PWMs Serial Communications: - Five Enhanced USART (EUSART) with Auto-Baud Detect, Auto-wake-up on Start. RS-232, RS-485, LIN compatible - SPI - I2C, SMBus and PMBusTM compatible 59 I/O Pins and One Input Pin: - Individually programmable pull-ups - Slew rate control - Interrupt-on-change - Input level selection control

to 64K bytes Program Flash Memory to 3562 Bytes Data SRAM Memory 1024 Bytes Data EEPROM Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes

Operating Voltage Ranges: 5.5V (PIC18F6xK40) Temperature Range: - Industrial: 85°C - Extended: to 125°C

Programmable CRC with Memory Scan: - Reliable data/program memory monitoring for Fail-Safe operation (e.g., Class B) - Calculate CRC over any portion of Flash or EEPROM - High-speed or background operation Hardware Limit Timer (TMR2/4/6/8+HLT): - Hardware monitoring and Fault detection Peripheral Pin Select (PPS): - Enables pin mapping of digital I/O Data Signal Modulator (DSM) Two Signal Measurement Timer - 24-bit timer/counter with prescaler - Multiple gate and clock inputs

High-Precision Internal Oscillator Block (HFINTOSC): - Selectable frequency range to 64 MHz ±1% at calibration 32 kHz Low-Power Internal Oscillator (LFINTOSC) External 32 kHz Crystal Oscillator (SOSC) External Oscillator Block: - Three crystal/resonator modes - 4x PLL with external sources Fail-Safe Clock Monitor: - Allows for safe shutdown if peripheral clock stops Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST)

In-Circuit Debug Integrated On-Chip In-Circuit Serial ProgrammingTM (ICSPTM) via Two Pins In-Circuit Debug (ICD) with Three Breakpoints via Two Pins

10-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation - 47 external channels - Conversion available during Sleep - Four internal analog channels - Internal and external trigger options - Automated math functions on input signals: - averaging, filter calculations, oversampling and threshold comparison Zero-Cross Detect (ZCD): - Detect when AC signal on pin crosses ground 5-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC): - Output available externally - Programmable 5-bit voltage of VDD) - Internal connections to comparators, Fixed Voltage Reference and ADC Three Comparators (CMP): - Five external inputs - External output via PPS Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) module: 1.024V, 2.048V and 4.096V output levels

Peripheral Module Disable CRC with Memory Scan Program Memory Flash (words) Temperature Indicator Y Windowed Watchdog Timer Signal Measurement Timer (SMT) 8-bit TMR with HLT Zero-Cross Detect 10-bit ADC2 with Computation (ch) Data Sheet Index CCP/10-bit PWM Data EEPROM (bytes)

Note 1: Debugging Methods: (I) ­ Integrated on Chip. Data Sheet Index: (Unshaded devices are described in this document.) DS40001842 PIC18(L)F65/66K40 Data Sheet, 64-Pin, 8-bit Flash Microcontrollers DS40001841 PIC18(L)F67K40 Data Sheet, 64-Pin, 8-bit Flash Microcontrollers

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Microchip Technology PIC18F66K40 Microcontrollers combine large Flash/EE/RAM memory, rich peripheral integration, XLP, and 5V support to suit a variety of general purpose applications. These 64-pin

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