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Mono Block Type Small & High Power Density 6A DC-DC Converter Series

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The MYMGK***06 series are miniature Mono Block type non-isolated Point-of-Load (PoL) DC-DC power converters for embedded applications. The tiny form factor measures only x 5.0 mm. Applications include powering FPGA/CPU's, datacom/telecom systems, Distributed Bus Architectures (DBA), programmable logic and mixed voltage systems. The converters have input voltage ranges to 5.5Vdc *FRSR) to 14Vdc*ERSR) and a maximum output current of 6 Amps. Based on a fixed frequency synchronous buck converter switching topology, this high power conversion efficient PoL module features programmable output voltage 5.0Vdc*ERSR) , On/Off control and Power Good signal output. These converters also include under voltage lock out (UVLO), output short circuit protection and over-current protection.

Typical unit FEATURES Settable output voltage range to 6 Amps of output current Quick response to load change Ultra small surface mount package x 5.0mm High efficiency MYMGK1R806FRSR90% (at Vo=1.8Vdc) MYMGK00506ERSR95% (at Vo=5.0Vdc) Outstanding thermal derating performance Over current protection On/Off control (Positive logic) Power Good signal RoHS-6 hazardous substance compliance High Reliability / Heat Shock Testing to +125degC) SIMPLIFIED APPLICATION

Co100F/6.3V 4pcs (Typical topology is shown. Murata recommends an external fuse.)

1.Please refer to the Part Number Structure for additional ordering information and options. 2.All specifications are at nominal line voltage, Vout=nominal and full load, +25degC unless otherwise noted. Output capacitors are or 220uF*2 ceramic. Input cap or 22uF*2 ceramic and plenty electrolytic capacitors. See detailed specifications. I/O caps are necessary for our test equipment. 3.Use adequate ground plane and copper thickness adjacent to the converter.

Internal Code Maximum Output Current in Amps Series Name Output Voltage Range 1R8:(0.7-1.8Vdc) 005:(0.7-5.0Vdc)

Because of the small size of these products, the product marking contains a character-reduced code to indicate the model number and manufacturing date code. Not all items on the marking are always used. Please note that the marking differs from the product photograph. Here is the layout of the Marking.

The manufacturing date code is six characters: First character - Factry code (Usually "N") Second character - Last digit of manufacturing Year For example "6" means "2016" Third character - Month code (1 through 9 and X through Z) Fourth -Sixth character - Internal lot-code

The marking contains three rows of information: First row Product code(Output voltage range) Second row Product code(Other than the output voltage range) Third row Manufacturing code

Input Voltage ON/OFF Pin PGOOD/Trim Pins Output Current Storage Temperature Range

Power on, referred to -Vin Power on, referred to -Vin Current-limited, no damage, short-circuit protected Vin = Zero (no power)

Absolute maximums are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to greater than any of these conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied or recommended.

Operating Voltage Range Start-up threshold Undervoltage shutdown Overvoltage shutdown Internal Filter Type Input current Full Load Conditions Low Line No Load Current Shut-Down Mode Input Current

Fixed Switching Frequency Startup Time (Vin ON) Startup Time (Remote ON) Dynamic Load Response Dynamic Load Peak Deviation

Vout=nominal (Vin 90% of Vo) Vout=nominal (Remote 90% of Vo) (50-100% load step, di/dt) same as above

Remote On/Off Control (Note 4) Logic ON state OFF state Control Current Power-Good Output (Pulled to 5.0Vreg(TYP) internally) PGood TRUE (HI) PGood FALSE (LO)


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