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Category: Telephone, cellular phone and intercom
Manufacture: Pericom Semiconductor Corporation
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Mobile (Cell Phones & Handheld Computers) PI5A4599A & PI5A3157 SPDT Analog Switches
C ellula r Application
Most mobile appliances today allow the consumer to switch from the built in speaker and microphone to an external source. In the case of a cell phone this might be an earpiece and a clip on a microphone for hands free operation.
A u d io C odec & ASIC
R ecei ve T r ansmi t
Bas e Band + Modem ( DSP)
Ext er n al M IC Inter n al M IC Ext er n al H eads et Ext er n al Spe a ker
P I 5A 4599A P I 5A 3157
M IC Pre-amp fr om CODEC
P I5A 4599A P I5A 3157
Audi o A mp fr om CODEC
Pericom in Cell Phone & Handheld Computer
This need extends to other applications like Handheld Computers/PDAs, plus portable consumer audio products like CD and MP3 players. Previously the switching from an internal to external source was done using mechanical relays. This solution was more costly; took up more space; and was proven unreliable over the lifetime of the product. Today's switching is done by integrated circuits by manufacturers like Maxim, Fairchild, and Pericom . As the figure above and on the next page illustrates, the Pericom Analog Switches are used to switch between the internal and external microphone/speaker.
The PI5A4599A provides the lowest On-Resistance flatness compared to other products on the market today with typical values ranging from 0.2 ohms to 0.5 ohms at 5V and 3V supplies respectively. This is superior to Maxim's pin compatible MAX4599 over the full input voltage rail. The PI5A3157 provides the best On-Resistance of 8 ohms at 3V. Guaranteed Break-Before Make-Switching to ensure no audio popping or clicking during transitions. This makes Pericom's device an ideal choice over the Fairchild NC7SZ3157.
Pericom's SOTiny SPDT Analog Switch Solution
The PI5A4599A and PI5A3157 SOTiny Low Resistance single-pole double-throw (SPDT) analog switches are ideal products to address the needs of these mobile appliances.
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SOTiny packaging options:
Both products are offered in the SOTiny SC70-6 pin package. In Q3CY02 Pericom will offer both devices in the Thin Dual in Line Flat No-lead (TDFN) packaging option.
Improved Performance vs. Competing Solutions Lower Cost Solution Minimizes Layout constraints
Currently designed in at multiple market leaders in mobile appliances.
Ha nd he ld Computer Application
Additional Information Available
Au d i o C odec & ASIC
P I5A 4 59 9A P I5A 3 15 7
MIPS, StronARM, Thunderball uP w ith soft Modem
Ext er n al M IC Inter n al M IC Ext er n al H eads et Ext er n al Spe a ker
Complete Specifications on Web Site Brief Customer Oriented Power Point Presentation o Request from Refugio Jones at Press Release: January 10, 2002 o SOTiny Analog Switch Samples: Production: Today & in SOTiny Sample kit Today, 2-3 Week Leadtime
M IC Pre-amp fr om CODEC
P I5A 4 59 9A P I5A 3 15 7
Audi o Amp fr om CODEC Inter n al Spe a ker
Please contact your local Pericom sales representative or franchised distributor Or contact Pericom's Marketing department directly Refugio Jones Product Marketing Manager, Pericom Semiconductor 408-435-0800 x402
Key Features & Specifications:
PI5A4599A PI5A4599A Data sheet q Low On-Resistance: 10 ohms max @ 5V q Ron Matching: 2 ohms max. q Ron Flatness 0.2 ohms @ 5v typical q Single power supply operation 2V 6V q Guaranteed Break-Before Make-Switching q 225 MHz Channel Bandwidth q 76 dB Off-Isolation at 1 MHz q Low Power Consumption: 5uW q SOTiny SC70-6 packaging
PI5A3157 PI5A3175 Data sheet Low On-Resistance: 8 ohms max @ 3V Ron Matching: 0.3 ohms typical @1.65V Control Input Overvoltage Tolerance 5.5 min. Single power supply operation 1.65V 5V Guaranteed Break-Before Make-Switching 250 MHz Channel Bandwidth Fast Transition speed: 5.2 ns @ 5V Low Power Consumption: 5uW SOTiny SC70-6 packaging SC70-6 SOTiny Package Outline Drawing
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